Matt Kane makes digital paintings using proprietary software he's programmed from scratch, tailored to meet his vision. The work he creates is infinitely scalable, based entirely in math, yet can resemble real world physicality when advantageous to his vision. Kane designs systems of image production built on his knowledge, habits, and observations of art, design, mathematics, and the natural world. Subject matter is derived from found photography that resonates with the artist. It's his sense that the spark he feels taps into the collective unconscious and will be communicated more universally by his art.

The artist's days are committed to his artistic programming projects via research, experimentation, and creation of art. Additionally, he enjoys long meandering walks through natural and urban environments, finding creative ways to adding a fried egg to everything he consumes, listening to podcasts, and is deeply devoted to afternoon meditation.

A Chicago born, gallery exhibited artist in his early and mid twenties, Kane left the art world for a decade to work as a web developer in the Pacific Northwest. It was there that he taught himself programming, gained life experience, and made career choices centered around creating, at a future date, the work he's currently devoted. Kane began as a painter of oils to become a painter of code.

Painter of Code, Matt Kane

Self portrait of Painter of Code, Matt Kane